My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友 2019

My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友 is jointly produced by the Youku video, blank film and television, in the directing, Xu Weizhou , ORTHOPEDICS , Zhou Yi Xuan , Wang Jianing , Wang Liang , Zhang Mu Chen starred in urban youth idol drama

Adapted from the play to feed a small full of the same name novel, tells the story of an extraordinary girl Ding slightly weakened due to accidental “curse”, convinced that when young he will never be happy until she met “Sleepless in” late letter, from just two people The misunderstandings at the beginning were so important that they later appreciated each other, and the two hearts were getting closer together in the story

The play on October 8, 2019 in Youku video broadcast