Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe 鬼吹灯之九层妖塔 2015

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe 九层妖塔 is a 2015 Chinese 3D adventure action film directed and co-written by Lu Chuan, and stars Mark Chao, Yao Chen, Rhydian Vaughan, Li Chen, Tiffany Tang and Daniel Feng. The film is an adaptation of Tianxia Bachang’s 2006 best-selling novel Ghost Blows Out the Light.[5] Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe was released in China on September 30, 2015.

When giant fossils are discovered near Mongolia, a government-funded expedition is organized to analyze them. When an explosion leaves members of the excavation team buried underground, they discover a cyclopean temple and giant, ancient beasts.
Initial release : September 30, 2015